Since our last tournament went really well, we decided to make another Beachvolleyball competition, before you leave this beautiful city!

This time, the system will be a bit different:

► Applying: Everyone is welcomed to participate! Register by clicking on the link below. You can either register only yourself and add the group name which you'll belong to, or let one person register all of the group players of your team by filling out the formular as often as needed. If you apply as a single, we will either find a spot for you in an other team or create a "Single" group, if there are not enough teams.

► (Time-) Limitation: You can register a group until the 18th of June, 17:59 CET. Additionally, the number of groups is limited to 12! First come, first serve. As soon as all spots are taken in a valid way (see next point) or the deadline has been reached, the group-registration will not be available anymore.

!!Attention!! A team is only then fully registered when it contains at least 4 players! Otherwise, the group-registration is not valid.

► Punctuality: If a team due to any reason (missing players, whole group hasn't arrived yet, ...) is not able to start a match on time, that game will be considered as lost.

► Group name: Every team must have a name. Be creative - the fancier, the better. ;)

► Team constellations: 4 on each side. You can of course have as many substitution players as you want.

► Start: Doors are open at 13:30. The tournament will start at 14:00. Be punctual!

► Spots: We'll be playing on 3 fields so that six groups can play at the same time.

► Food & Drinks: Bring whatever you want to consume, no restrictions. But you can also buy stuff there.

► Music: a nice playlist will be keeping you all motivated!

► Relaxing: it's not only about playing volleyball. Join us to have a chilled afternoon with friends, good music and a feeling like you're at the beach!

Registration link:

19/06/2016 - 13:30 to 20:00
Sportzentrum Eden
An der Schanze 7, 1210 Wien
  • Everyone is invited.